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Speaking & Collaborating

For you that may know me, I love to talk and educate.

If you are a local school, mothers group, workplace or anything in between, that wants support or education regarding your mind, body or vitality, get in touch with me.

Lemon Tea


I want to be able to leave you feeling educated, inspired and ready to action with your future health.

Having three children of my own, I feel it would be a great legacy to leave the imprint of healthy living upon them, by spreading the word of living your best, healthy life, and embracing every opportunity as it comes. 

My other unique passion is to talk and support those of the LGBTQIA+ community and share my personal experience of coming out later in life from living in a heterosexual marriage.

This area may not be directly related to naturopathy, yet it encompasses supporting ones mental, emotional and physical health and alignment with authenticity, therefore I am quite passionate in regards to supporting others in this area.


My vision and dream is for people to get back to the fundamentals of health. To know the effects of sleep, nutrition, stress and movement and the impact on progression of dis-ease, just as much as they can greatly improve the quality of ones life and health status.

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