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About Me.


Tara Hansen


Tara is a naturopathic practitioner who is passionate about supporting all aspects of the progression of diseases and disorders, more specifically, mental health for individuals of all ages through the use of nutritional and herbal medicine. Tara holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy from Endeavour College of Natural Health, which has equipped her with a broad understanding of both science-based medicine and traditional treatments.

With a deep understanding that a busy life can take a toll on an individual's health, Tara prioritises sleep, diet, exercise, and stress management to promote mental and physical well-being. She draws on her personal experience as a mother of three young boys to offer practical and achievable advice to her clients.

In her practice, Tara takes a personalised approach to identifying the root cause of her patient's symptoms and creating realistic treatment plans. She believes in empowering her clients with actionable steps that support their mental and physical health goals.


As a Naturopathic practitioner, she may recommend nutraceuticals and herbal prescriptions as part of her holistic approach to treatment.

Tara's expertise and commitment to supporting diseases and disorders, in particular, mental health for individuals of all ages makes her a valuable resource for those seeking natural therapies to support their well-being.

The Process

Tara will take note of all areas of your life. This can involve, the foods you eat, the lifestyle you undertake, and the support network you have. She will assess your stress levels, take your family history and analyse your bodily functions.... yes she does talk about poo (her boys love this about her!). 


Following a thorough case-taking session, Tara will then compile all the information and start putting the pieces of your own, individualised puzzle together.

Tara is extremely passionate about helping you. If you are ready to take back control of your health and well-being, get in contact with her today, as she would love to see you.

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